Car Accident/Personal Injury

Proven Results for Car Accident or Personal Injury in La Crosse, WI Cases

Standing up for your rights.
"I have helped people injured by car and motorcycle accidents for many years. I have seen first hand how a few seconds of carelessness turns lives upside down. Putting aside the personal loss and suffering, the financial impact of a car accident starts immediately, and it frequently has a cascading effect long into the future.

Making matters worse, the process of getting compensated for auto accident injuries is very complex. There are multiple parties to deal with, including your insurance company, the other driver's insurance company, the health insurer, hospitals, clinics and medical care providers. Each has a financial interest in your case. Each usually has lawyers looking out for their interests, and not yours. You need an experienced car accident attorney on your side."
The phone book is full of law firms seeking to represent injured people. Some are many miles from your home. Some firms even brag about their high volume. Do you really believe your interests will be better served by a litigation factory with an attorney who may never even meet?

I have the knowledge, experience and skill to investigate and present your case in a way that will maximize your recovery. I will do it without charging any attorney's fees until you get paid first. I am a long-standing member of the American Association for Justice, as well as the Wisconsin Association for Justice. So, in addition to practicing in the field of personal injury, I regularly attend instructional conferences presented by preeminent lawyers in the area of car accidents and personal injury. I stay on top of all the important legal developments to ensure that our clients get the state-of-the-art representation they deserve. I am a former prosecutor of traffic offenses, and I know the laws, which allows me to demonstrate that the other driver was not only negligent, but breaking the l
At Dyer Law Firm, LLC we deal with the lawyers so you can heal. Don't even think about doing this on your own. Contact us to get help now.    
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